Thursday February 22 , 2018
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Service Excellence!

That's what you can expect from us, with staff having over 25 years experience in the Automotive Industry, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure things are done right.






Willy's Jeep

Checkout this video of Willy's Jeep, 8 soldiers stipping a jeep in no time flat. 
I'd hate to be competing with these guys! 

Willys Jeep


Take a Ride on a Ducati StreetFighter!

George Johnson submitted this You Tube link to his mates stock Ducati StreetFighter...

Taken at the Kwinana Drags over the weekend...

Check out the speedo when he is doing the burnout...

Thanks George!


Jet Boat Action!


The Ultimate Thrill!

J&J Automotive has enjoyed a long time association with the West Coast Jet Sprint Club.

The club is located in Baldivis Western Australia and is a great night out for those who love the roar of a V8 engine or the scream of a turbo at full boost. You can find out more information about the club and it's events by clicking on the button below.

Key Points:
  • Jet Boat Action!
  • Located in Baldivis
  • Cheap admission costs
  • Great night out!
  • You could win a ride!


Cobra Project Update


John has spent the last weekend working on getting the Falcon Dash into the Cobra shell. It will take some work to intergrate the Air Conditioning into the new dash area, but he's confident it will be completed in the next week.



Get Your New Vehicle Serviced Now!


New Vehicle Servicing

We are often asked the question "Can you service my new vehicle?" quickly shadowed by the follow up question "Will it affect my Manufacturers warranty?". To help answer these questions and provide our customers with both knowledge & understanding, we have compiled the relevant information into one short page. Click the button below to view the information.

Key Points
  • Lower costs
  • Manufacturer warranty retained
  • Quality parts only
  • Manufacturers Specifications
  • Conditions Apply



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Core Company Features

  • Servicing:                                          A long history of quality vehicle servicing, all makes, all models, private or commercial.
  • Qualified & Licensed: Qualified, Licensed, Mechanics with years of experience.
  • Honesty & Integrity:                        A commitment to service with professionalism. We have survived & grown via "word of mouth" only.

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